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Total Exterior Brick Restoration
Cleaning - Paint Removal - Painting

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LYNCHBURG RESTORATION, INC., is a small Contracting firm with over 20 years experience in the field. Never previously advertised, we have successfully completed numerous projects in Lynchburg and the Central Virginia area. First established as Brick Cleaners, Inc. in 1973, Randy Parr has led the Company to its current success as a Specialty Contractor, focusing on Building Restoration.

LYNCHBURG RESTORATION, INC. offers a wide range of services that include the following:
  • Facade Restoration
  • Caulk and Sealant Installation
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Brick and Stone Tuckpointing
  • Hot and Cold Water Cleaning
  • Brick and Stone Repair
  • Re-facing Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Water Repellent Coating for Brick and Stone
  • Bicarbonate Soda Blasting
  • Paint and Coating Removal
  • Welding (Iron and Steel Repairs)
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry

LYNCHBURG RESTORATION, INC., has high reach equipment such as, Aerial Ladder Trucks, Snorkel Lifts and Electric Swing Stages. Height and hard to reach work areas are not a problem.

LYNCHBURG RESTORATION, INC., is highly conscientious about safety, both to the property of our customers and to our employees and equipment. The Company boasts its careful and considerate approach to any project and proudly observes all OSHA guidelines.

LYNCHBURG RESTORATION, INC., offers advanced computer imaging and/or artists sketches on all projects to give the Owner helpful insight to what he might expect from our restoration work. Additionally, we research each project and can provide upon request historical literature, pictures, newspaper articles, names and dates that might aid in the Restoration process.

LYNCHBURG RESTORATION, INC., offers its services to both Commercial and Residential projects. We invite you to inquire about our services and allow us the opportunity to restore your home or building to its original form.




St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Masonry Restoration, C 1788

The Moorman House (The Jimmy Bryan House), Restoration, 522 Jackson Street, C 1808

The Kentucky Hotel, Masonry Restoration, 5th Street, C 1816

The John Marshall Warwick House, 8th & Court Streets, Masonry Restoration, C 1826

The Carter Glass House, 6th and Clay Street, Masonry Restoration C 1827

The Henry Harrison Lewis House, 5th Street, C 1850’s

The Old Lynchburg Court House, Court Street, C 1853-1855

The Bragassa’s Toy Store, Masonry Restoration, 12 th & Court Street, C 1875

Monument Terrace, 9th Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1880

The Otey Building Warehouse, Horseford Road, Masonry Restoration C 1898

The Johnson Residence, Court Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1880

The Krize Building, Main Street, Facade Restoration, C. 1905

The Lynchburg National Bank Building (Greenwood Partnership) Facade Restoration, C 1890’s

The Old Lynchburg High School Building, 11th & Court Street, Facade Restoration, C 1915

The Old First Presbyterian Church Building, Court Street, Masonry Restoration

The Farmer’s Market, Main Street, Facade and Masonry Restoration, C 1932

The Old City Armory Building, Church Street, Facade acade and Masonry Restoration, C 1931

The Lynchburg News & Daily Advance Building, Church Street, Facade and Masonry Restoration, C 1931

The Old Eastern Electric Building, 10th and Commerce Streets, C. 1895, (Borel Const/Sanzone Attorneys)

The Hill Brothers Shoe Company Building, 9th and Commerce Streets, (JW Ould Bldg) C 1908

Boonsboro Country Club Main House, Bedford County, C 1880

The Centra Health Office Building, Atherholt Road

Lynchburg Public Library Building, Memorial Avenue, Facade and Masonry Restoration

Commercial Building (Trotters Restaurant), 2496 Rivermont Avenue, Masonry Restoration, C 1920

The Old Salvation Army Building, 12th & Church Streets, Facade and Masonry Restoration C 1918

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Jefferson Street, (Architectural Partners) Façade/Masonry Restoration C 1890

The Davies Building, 8th & Court Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1813

Callaham Window and Door Building, Commerce Street, Facade and Masonry Restoration, C 1898

The Old Lynchburg Jobbing House Building, Commerce Street, Facade and Masonry Restoration C 1906

Guggenheimer Nursing Home, 1902 Grace Street, Facade and Masonry Restoration, C 1920

The Old Alper’s Building, 907 Main Street, Interior Masonry Restoration, C 1800 (Main Street Eatery)

The Old J. W. Wood Building, 9th & Jefferson Sts, Façade/Masonry Restoration, C 1853 (Amazement Square)

The Old Lynchburg General Hospital, Hollins Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1910

College Hill Baptist Church, 11th & Floyd Street, C 1896

L. Lazarus Liquors Building, 924 Main Street, C. 1898 (High Peak Sports)

Booker’s Tobacco Warehouse, Main and 13th Streets, C 1899 (Antique Car Museum)

The Craddock Terry Building, Commerce Street, C 1890’s

The Craddock Terry Building, 9th Street and Jefferson Streets, C 1890’s (Riverviews)

The Craddock-Terry Shoe Building, Jefferson Street, C 1890’s (The Southern Warehouse)

The Old Coleman Shoe Building, 922 Main Street, C 1898 (High Peak Sportswear)

Court Street United Methodist Church 7th & Court Streets, C 1895

Centenary United Methodist Church, Rivermont Avenue, C 1925

The Old 7 Hills School Building, 1919 Rivermont Avenue, C 1920 (Virginia School of the Arts)

Spring Hill Cemetery, Wall and Office, 3000 Fort Avenue

Old City Cemetery, Wall Restoration, 401 Taylor Street, C 1860

Old City Cemetery, Restoration of Dr Gaines’ Tomb, 401 Taylor Street, C 1860

Norfolk & Western Freight Depot Restoration, 10 9th Street, C 1912

The Courtland Building, 620 Court Street, C 1912

Academy of Music Theatre Restoration, 600 Main Street, C 1912

Academy of Music—Price & Clements Building Restoration

Academy of Music/Fine Arts-Flytower Restoration, C 1912

Old James T. Davis Building (Formerly a Tobacco Warehouse and Civil War Hospital)

Virginia Baptist Hospital-The English Building, 3300 Rivermont Avenue

Gannaway Hardware/Shelton-Jordan Building, 926 Commerce Street (Lyn-Cag Inc)

City of Lynchburg Water Pitcher Restoration, C 1890

JW Ould Building (Lynchburg Human Services Building) 99 9th Street, C 1908

Historic Sandusky-Chimney Restoration, C 1908

City of Lynchburg Grace Street Fire Station Tower Masonry Restoration

The Craddock Terry Building Restoration, 1326 Commerce Street, C 1906 (Bluff Walk Center)

The Wm King Jr. Tobacco Warehouse Building. Restoration, 1309 Jefferson Str, C 1896 (Bluff Walk Center)

Point of Honor Masonry Restoration, C 1815

First Unitarian Church-Masonry Restoration, Monument Terrace, C 1926

The Brown House (Unitarian House)-Masonry Restoration, Monument Terrace, C 1884

Park View United Methodist Church-Masonry/Stained Glass Window Restoration, 2420 Memorial Ave, C1857

The Western Hotel (The Joseph Nichols Tavern), 501 Madison Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1815

Hoyle-Halsey House Office, 201 Federal Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1825

Micajah Davis House, 1101 Jackson Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1818

Tyree-Slaughter House, 1121 Harrison Street, Masonry Restoration, C 1856

The Gilliam House (Mid State Insurance Bldg) 2525 Rivermont Avenue, Restoration, C 1890

Jones Memorial Library, 434 Rivermont Avenue, Masonry Restoration, C 1908

Commercial Building (Trotters Restaurant), 2496 Rivermont Avenue, Masonry Restoration, C 1920

The Younger Residence, 3929 Boonsboro Road-Chimney/Porch Restoration, C 1897

The Oldham Residence, Masonry Restoration, 104 Lee Circle, C 1930

Fort Early Building, Porch/Step Restoration, 3511 Memorial Avenue, C 1922

Melinda’s Art and Framing, Masonry Facade Restoration,1019 Church St, C 1870

The Frye Center, Masonry Facade Restoration, 1107-1113 Church Street, C 1907

Lamar Cecil Jr, Masonry Restoration, 230 Trents Ferry Road, C 1812

William McRorie-Masonry Facade Restoration, 717 Court Street, C 1881

Old Conner Produce Building Restoration, 1000 Jefferson Street, C 1912

The Zippel Family, Formal Fountain/Pond Restoration, 1301 Wakefield Road, C 1938

The Dabney Scott Adams Dependency House, Exterior Restoration/Stabilization, 405Cabell Street, C 1850

The Packet Boat Marshall, Preservation, Riverside Park, C 1861

Eighth Street Baptist Church, Masonry Restoration, 801 Federal Street, C 1896

Leslie Allen Law Offices, Masonry Restoration, 1004 Court Street, C 1907

Appomattox Co National Historical Park, Masonry Chimney Restoration-Clover Hill Tavern, C 1816

Piedmont Mills Building, Restoration, 1329 Jefferson Street, C 1880

Peakland United Methodist Church, Masonry Restoration, Boonsboro Road, C 1956

NB Handy Co Inc., Restoration Cleaning, 65 10th Street, C 1930

The Giles Residence, Chimney Restoration, 3852 Peakland Place, C 1932

The George Lupton Jr. Residence “Seven Pines” 1450 Trents Ferry Road, C 1938

The Doolittle Residence “The Rose Cottage”, Masonry Restoration,1002 Wise Street, C 1845

William and Rita Cothran, Masonry Restoration, 1109 Villa Road

Gordan House, 1023 Jackson Street, Exterior Masonry Restoration, C. 1817

Anne Spencer Garden Pond Repairs, 1313 Pierce Street, C 1882

Peter Elliott House, Harrison &7th Streets, Masonry Restoration C. 1816

Pearson House, 2144 Rivermont Avenue, Porch and Masonry Restoration, C 1928

The Depot Grille Restaurant-Masonry Cleaning 10 9th Street, C 1912

City of Lynchburg-Grove Street Parks/Recreation Building, Re-point Parapet, 301 Grove Street, C 1911

Old Lynchburg High (Lynchburg High Apartments) Masonry Restoration C 1912

College Hill Historic Filter Building Masonry Restoration

Hook-Powell-Moorman Farm. Franklin County Exterior RestorationC 1750

John E. Gannaway House, 500 Washington Street, Exterior & Masonry Restoration C 1899

Edward S. Brown House, 818 Court Street, Masonry Restoration C. 1884

Frank P. Christian House, 412 Madison Street, Exterior Wood & Stone Restoration C. 189

Crowe House, 1101 Jackson Street, Exterior Porch & Masonry Restoration C. 1815

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Clay Street, Stone Chimney Restoration, C. 1889

Sandusky, Sandusky Drive, Masonry Restoration, C. 1808




Lynchburg College C 1903

Lynchburg, Virginia

7 Buildings

Hampden-Sydney College C 1776

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia

Settle Dining Hall Retaining Wall

Gammon Gym Blasting

Randolph Macon Woman’s College, C 1891

Lynchburg, Virginia

5 Buildings and “The Trolleys”

The President’s House-Chimney Restoration

Sweet Briar College, C 1901

Sweet Briar, Virginia

8 buildings

Dairy Barn, Interior Restoration Cleaning


Amherst County Historical Museum Building (Kearfott-Wood House), C 1907

Old Amherst County Jail Building, C 1890



The First National Bank Building

The Masonic Lodge Building

The Central Baptist Church Building

The Avoca Museum Building, C 1901

Old Grist Mill Restoration

Altavista Downtown Facade Revitalization


Appomattox Court House-Clover Hill Tavern Chimney Restoration, C 1819


The St. John’s Episcopal Church C 1924

The Wharton House C 1883

The Bedford Middle School

The Bedford City/County Museum, C 1895

St Pauls Episcopal Church, C 1895

The Global Gallery Building, C 1901

Mr and Mrs Russell Hicks-Otterburn Plantation House Restoration, C 1828

Boonsboro Country Club-Chimney Restoration, Bedford County, C 1880

Big Otter Mill, Interior Restoration, C. 1785

The Bedford Meeting House-Masonry Restoration, C 1838

Olde Liberty Station Restaurant-Masonry Restoration, C 1905

Bedford Meeting House-Masonry Restoration, C.1838

Inn at Trivium Porch Restoration, C 1820


Brookneal Downtown Facade Revitalization-Phase I and Phase II


The Jubal A Early Home Place-Chimney/Rock Foundation Restoration, Burnt Chimney, C 1790


Catawba Hospital, Masonry Restoration/Doors, Catawba, VA


The Marling Residence, 252 N Main Street, Porch Restoration


Owen’s Pharmacy, C. 1854

Clifton Forge Town Hall Building, C 1910


The Lancaster Law Building

Old Tobacco Warehouse Building

The Old Leggett’s Department Store Building

The Gastby Charles Store Building

The Public Library Building


Mr and Mrs C Raine Pettyjohn Jr, Chimney Restoration, Pleasantview Plantation C 1840


Echols Family Ledger Stone Restoration and Mounting at Family Farm, C 1735

The Salling House-McClanahan Family-Masonry/Stone Restoration, C 1820


The Welsh Farm, Main House Restoration, C 1810


The Roanoke Transit Authority Complex, Campbell Ave.

Alexander’s Restaurant, Jefferson St.


The Erskine Building, The Warfe District, C 1898


Staunton River High School

Masonry Joint Restoration



Cherry Hill Farm, Main House Restoration, C 1908